Our Story in Motion...

*brought to you by the talented team of Sarah-Taylor Wieluns and Ken Hess of O'Maine Studios.

About The Lab

The John Knight Curiosity Lab is:

  • A physical space that features innovation, technology and entrepreneurship learning activities, tools and experiences for youth. More than a maker space, more than a computer lab, the Curiosity Lab will encourage learners of all ages to wonder, explore, deconstruct and invent. The Curiosity Lab is in Portland, ME on the Breakwater Learning campus.

  • A philosophy that fosters and promotes a curiosity mindset. Our learners are encouraged to be inquisitors, researchers, builders, tinkerers, scientists, artists, engineers, re-imaginers and myth busters.

About John

John W. Knight was a brilliant engineer who was constantly inspired by and curious about the world around him. He had an insatiable appetite for knowledge and innovation, constantly seeking to understand how everything worked, and even further, how it might be done differently. As part of his legacy, we want to inspire a similar limitless curiosity and endless enthusiasm for making, breaking, understanding and questioning for youth across Maine and beyond.